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Change, Excel, &
Experience Christ!

Dominion is a church ordained to help people excel through a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. We are a body of believers with kingdom mindset working together to impact the world for Christ. Dominion was established in 1997 by Bishop Darrin C. Johnson and Dr. Tamarra V. Johnson with the mission of helping people find healing and hope through the love of Christ.  Since the inception of the ministry we have seen God perform many miracles in the lives of individuals and families. We pray that you will be encouraged and blessed by the ministry provided by Dominion International Church and walk in Gods divine purpose for your life.


Loving, Leading, &

Bishop Darrin C. Johnson and Dr. Tamarra V. Johnson began working together in ministry over 20 years ago.  In 1997 they founded Dominion International Church Cathedral with the goal of impacting lives for Christ.  In addition to his work as senior pastor, Bishop Johnson also serves as the Presiding Prelate of Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches.  Through the Alliance he has founded several churches and provides leadership and spiritual accountability to other church leaders.  Bishop Johnson has a prophetic gift and a word to heal the nations and draw people back to Christ.  Dr.  Johnson is a clinical psychologist with a passion for the people of God.  She is a teacher and preacher anointed to bring healing to the broken.   Bishop and Overseer Johnson have been married for 22 years.  They have three children and countless spiritual and God children.  Bishop and Dr. Johnson have dedicated their lives to serving the body of Christ and the do it with excellence and passion.


Jesus is Lord, &
He's Coming Again


The Scriptures are Divinely Inspired

The One True God

The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Fall and Salvation for Man

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit


Divine Deliverance

Water Baptism



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