Bishop Darrin C. Johnson

Bishop Darrin Christopher Johnson is an authentic Prophetic voice with an Apostolic anointing to advance the Kingdom of God and has been serving for more than 30 years.  He began ministering the Gospel in 1983 while serving in his Father’s church, in Camden, NJ. He studied for his B.S. degree in Music Education and Religion at Lincoln University, PA. 


In 1997 Bishop Johnson co-established and currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Dominion International Church Cathedral in Norfolk, Virginia; affectionately known as The Cathedral. Over the last 20 years The Cathedral has greatly impacted thousands in the local community with the love of Christ. He also established and launched, with his wife, Dominion Evangelistic Church in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and Dominion Restoration Church in Hampton, Virginia and Dominion Impact Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since 2005, Bishop Johnson serves as the establishmentarian and Presiding Prelate of Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches; a thriving fellowship or 16 churches. 


Bishop Johnson has been happily married to Overseer Tamarra V. Johnson, Psy. D. for 23 years.  Together they have worked to advance the Kingdom throughout the U.S. and various foreign Nations.  He is an awesome father of three children; Tamarrin, Terri, and Tyler Johnson; one surrogate daughter; Stacy Holloway-Hobson, son-in-law, Jamel Hobson, and two grand-daughters; Layla and BellaMarie Hobson.  Bishop Johnson is anointed to train leaders to effectively serve in the Kingdom during this final hour of time.  His peculiar ministry has provoked many individuals to excel through a life changing experience with Jesus Christ.

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